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Submitted on
June 29, 2012


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Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've posted anything. First of all, I would like to apologise to all of you who are still owed prizes, you will get them soon, I promise!

Now, I have a challenge for all of you! A multiple OC Questionnaire Meme! It's very simple - pick six of your OC's and put them to a character - Eg. John Doe as Character 1. If you go onto Word you can replace 'Character 1' and so forth with the name of your character through the document, to make it easier. Don't look at any of the questions before you allocate your OC to a character, because that's spoling the fun.
Then, once you've done that - enjoy yourself, answer all the questions and post up the completed questionnaire on the site!
I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with!

Character 1
Character 2
Character 3
Character 4
Character 5
Character 6

If Character 1 and Character 2 were to fight, who would win?

Character 3 and Character 4 decide to leave the country together – where do they go?

Character 5 and Character 6 enter a drinking game – who wins?

Character 1 and Character 5 are lost – whose fault is it?

Character 3 and Character 2 fall in-love. How did this happen?

Character 6 and Character 2 are locked in a room together, what will inevitably happen between them?

Between character 1 and Character 3, who has the worse temper?

In a life and death situation, would Character 5 ever betray Character 2?

Who, between Character 4 and Character 6 would be more likely to be arrested for indecent exposure?

Character 4 and Character 1 get into a bar brawl? How did it happen, and what do they do?

Character 5 and Character 3 are part of a squadron of Spies, one of them is a traitor – how would the other find out?

Character 4 and Character 6 are on TV, how did they get there and what are they doing?

Character 2 is believed to be dead, how does Character 6 react?

Character 3 goes crazy and tries to kill Character 1, how do they go about it? And do they succeed?

Character 5 is suddenly landed with a baby and appeals to Character 4 for help, how does Character 4 react?

Character 1 goes to a haunted house and demands Character 6 comes with them. What happens?

Character 2 has been in a terrible accident, and it’s up to Character 4 to keep them alive. What was the accident, and how does this work out?

Character 3 suffers a blow to head and loses all of their memory. Character 6 finds them – what happens?

Character 5 has been acting strangely, disappearing on midnight expeditions, avoiding conversation and appeared distracted. Character 1 goes to investigate. What do they find?

Character 3 has been kidnapped by slave-traders, and only Character 4 and Character 2 can rescue them. How do they go about it?

Character 5, Character 1 and Character 6 all share a common hatred – what is it?

Between Character 3, Character 6 and Character 2 who is more likely to lose their mind and go on a killing spree.

Character 5 has been brain-washed into thinking they’re Character 1! How does Character 1 react?

Aliens attack and Character 2 reveals themselves to be an android scout sent to help destroy the Universe. Can character 4 convince Character 2 to do otherwise?

Character 5 And Character 3 have sex, how does Character 1 react upon finding them?

Character 4 and Character 6 decide to elope, how do Character 2 and Character 3 feel about this?

Character 6 is caught stealing and put in jail, does Character 2 leave them there, or break them out?
Character 1, Character 3 and Character 5 form TEAM A, Character 2, Character 4 and Character 6 form TEAM B. They enter a series of Mini competitions.

There is an eating competition, which team members do TEAM A and TEAM B nominate? Who wins?

TEAM A are given a foul when one of the team members tries to put laxatives in the other teams tea. Who was responsible?

A TEAM B member and TEAM A member start consorting, who are they?

A TEAM A member throws a fight, so a TEAM B member can win, who would do that and why?

TEAM B are in the lead, but TEAM A gain several points in what kind of competition?

TEAM B and TEAM A are tied, and go onto the questionnaire round. Between A) Sports, B)Current events and Politics, C) Literature and D) General Knowledge, which topic to each Team choose?

TEAM A and TEAM B swap a member, who and why?

Between TEAM A and TEAM B who would win the last challenge of an obstacle course relay race?

How does the winning Team celebrate?

Do both teams remain friends, or is it time for Round 2?!
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